Welcome to My Health and Nutrition. We are a Natural Health clinic. Please browse through this site, send us an email or call me on 0403127931

These are the natural therapies that my Clinic offers:




NLP/Life Coaching


Dorn Spinal Therapy

Naturopathic Testing

Naturopathic and Nutritional Products 


Naturopathy is a complementary system of health care that makes use of natural systems and practices to improve a patient's health. In my practice I utilise a broad range of techniques and therapies incorporating iridology, homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrition in my treatments. All of my patients are individuals and as such every patient receives an individual plan that is specific to their requirements and their needs.

Depending on the type of cover that you have, treatments at my practice may be able to be claimed through your health fund.

If you feel that your health is out of balance or if would like some advice or assistance with a health related issue then why not give me a call on 0403127931 and book a consultation. 


Acupuncture consultation & treatment for 30 minutes $45.00

Naturopathic Consultation for 30 Minutes $45.00

Homoeopathic consultation including Medication for 30 minutes $50.00

Dorn Spinal Treatment for 30 minutes $40.00

Iridology for 30 minutes $50.00

Hypnotherapy/NLP/coaching 60 minutes $125.00

Heavy Metal Testing $25.00

Cellular Health check 30 minutes $40.00

Urine Indican Test $25.00

Food Igg Testing 60 Minutes $290.00 plus (consultation $50.00) 

DNA Testing/profiling. $550.00

Accepted Payment Methods:


Cash, MasterCard, Visa, EFTPOS