How Does it Works?

The iris of the eyes is composed of hundreds of thousands of nerve endings which are connected by impulses to every tissue of the body through the brain and nervous system.

Iris therefore constantly receives and stores valuable information and changes that take s place to every tissue of the body.

This change in iris could provide insights into our current state of health. Linking the iris to that of a computer screen would be quite correct. All we need then is an eye chart to crack the codes found here. 

After many years of clinical observation and intensive research Dr. Bernard Jensen and others, produced the Iris chart, which represents the basic placement of body organs and tissues of the Iris.

I use an Iris Camera to the photos of both eyes and transfer the images to the computer. Then for an accurate iris analysis I superimpose the Iris chart over an iris image projection, allowing detailed observation of the valuable and reliable information hidden in the Iris to be analysed.   

What will is Show?

A complete iris analysis will show whether a person exhibits a generally good constitution or a poor one, depending upon the density of the iris fibres, the patterns, structures, colours and degrees of lightness and darkness in the iris tell if an area of the body is inherently strong or weak.

It also reveals the relative site of over-activity, irritation, injury or degeneration of the tissues and organs. Toxic accumulation levels can he observed as well as nutritional and chemical imbalances. 

What will it Not Show?

Iridology will not show or name a specific disease but provides information about the body tissues which indicate tendencies toward conditions of "dis-ease", often before symptoms appear. Iridology will not reveal surgery performed under anaesthesia as nerve impulses are discontinued. Iridology cannot locate parasites, gallstones, or germ life, but will indicate the presence of inflammation and toxic conditions which are a refuge for their development. It will not show pregnancy, as that is a normal function of the female body.

How can it Help Me?

I see Iridology is potentially an integral part of preventive health care. It has the ability to pick up early signs of "dis-ease" and can point to the weakness that needs to be addressed.

Iridology can be a powerful tool, allowing one to determine what is transpiring inside the body from a simple and painless exercise.

In effect, iridology will reveal how well your body functions. For example, improper nutrition and lack of exercise undermines the body's immunity until eventually it becomes unable to reverse damaging toxic conditions through its own natural self-healing mechanisms and finally becoming susceptible to ailments of a chronic nature. Therefore, nutrition and iridology are inseparable in one's pursuit of a healthy way of life and holistic health care program.

Iridology helps us understand our weakness so we may strengthen and cleanse our bodies to obtain our maximum health potential. It brings to us an awareness of how to prevent illness, thus allowing us to earn our most precious earthly treasure--vibrant physical, mental and spiritual health!

Remember Learning more about your body can be very empowering and can be lots of fun too.